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Laser mast rake explained

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Mast Rake 2016 by Chris Caldecoat

New worldwide builders target is set at 3815mm, previously the target was 3825mm

Following data collected at the ISAF Worlds it was noted that the average mast rake was 3815. Actually all boats in the STD Fleet were around this number, meaning that sailors where seeking boats at this rake as it was not the build average.

Data collected from Radial Sailors ordering new boats also showed this to be a good average.

Measurements you need to know.
– To measure the rake you will need a Std Rig section, it must measure 2855mm in length.
– Measure the rake from the outside edge of the bottom section ( see pictures below ), if you use this you will be able to refer to the production yards measurements.
– A new boat can move by up to 4mm in rake following a few sails. (can and aft)
– The boat is 8mm wider on the Stb side. Forget measuring side to side.(they are all like this World wide) A quick check is measure to the corner of the stern, if it is within 5mm of each other your          mast is in the middle of the boat ( inside 5mm means your mast is inside 1mm either side of centre )

Mast wear strips change your rake…. If you put one at deck level and one on the bottom of the mast you will lift your mast 10mm in rake. I have tested this and learned the hard way with my daughter sailing her 4.7, she was not happy with her boats performance change.

One important measurement to keep in mind, 1mm difference at deck level equates to 6.5mm on the final rake measurement.

Note that nearly all PSA boats are within 6mm of 3815 these day’s, so our rake tolerances are very tight.

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Laser Standard Masters World Championship – Day Two

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23 May 2016 – Laser Standard Masters World Championship – Day Two

(Riviera Nayarit, Mexico) Nothing seems to change the forecast here in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico – wind, sun and waves means perfect Laser racing conditions prevailed once again for the Laser Standard Masters Worlds. This part of the coast is known for its reliable thermal winds, and today did not disappoint as the Laser Masters sailors took to the water for races 3 and 4 of the twelve race series.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.14.23 AM

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