Ashley Stoddart - European update - 3rd at EUROSAF Garda Trentino Olympic Week

Ashley Stoddart – European update – 3rd at EUROSAF Garda Trentino Olympic Week

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3rd at EUROSAF Garda Trentino Olympic Week

Since I last reported I have been in Italy and the Netherlands for two EUROSAF events, and funnily enough I am back in Italy taking some time out now to train my body before heading to Croatia for the European Championships.

I had a great week in Italy on Lake Garda finishing on the podium in third place, the conditions were fun with some good winds for hiking and the mind was stimulated to make decisions with tricky winds bending and funneling around the lake’s high-rocky walls. I got to compete in my second medal race for this trip and after leading the entire race until the final top mark, crossed the finish line in 2nd place! Everybody on the circuit has a love for Garda, it’s a great place especially for sailing and cycling!

I then headed to the Netherlands for another EUROSAF event, the Delta Lloyd Regatta in Medemblik. We had predominately light and shifty winds, and unusually warm weather for Holland, which we weren’t complaining because of Holland’s reputation for extremely cold weather.  With not much hiking and more finesse needed for the boat to perform, it took some adjustment to the lighter wind conditions to get the boat going fast and then transferring this onto the racecourse.


I was glad to have competed in the regatta and experience these conditions in racing especially with a focus on the upcoming European Championship and ultimately the ISAF Worlds in September, even though I posted a 19th overall. I had my first OCS for the season, breaking the start in the first race. Ironically this OCS was not so bad from my perspective because one goal of this trip was to improve and optimize my starting and this means I’m pushing it!

I’ve loved the trip so far; learning a lot about my sailing, but also about myself! It’s a lot of fun and I’m enjoying taking up the challenge of seeing how far I can push boundaries and exceed my expectations.


I’m off to Croatia tomorrow for some more warm weather, but more importantly for the European Championships taking place in Split from the 7th-14th June!

Thanks to everyone for following what I have been doing throughout my 3 month trip, remember you can see what I am up to on my facebook page.

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