Laser Tips and Tricks: The Traveller

Laser Tips and Tricks: The Traveller

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The traveller on a laser is super simple consisting of one piece of rope and the traveller block. It’s easy to get right, however when done wrong it can dramatically influence the height and speed of your boat. The main objective of your traveller is to ensure the sail and end of boom is sheeted to the back corner of the boat whilst sailing upwind. This gives the sail the best angle of attack to the wind, giving your sail ultimate leech tension helping you to burn the boats around you. In light winds it is super important that your traveller is pulled really tight so there is minimal distance between the deck and traveller block, this can be made easier by having a low profile tiller and a rope handle.

The traveller rope needs to be something that has little to no stretch, something like dyneema is perfect. When tying the traveller use a simple half hitch in the centre and ensure that the distance between the knot and traveller is as small as possible.


Take it easy and fair sailing,

Mitch  Kennedy