New Laser Dollies available for pre order now.

New Laser Dollies available for pre order now.

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Do you have issues with beach dollies in your boat racks or storage areas at the club…. these new alloy pull apart beach dollies are the perfect solution.

The dollies fully break down and can be stored on the deck or in the cockpit of your Laser.

Only takes a minute to put together and break down.

Also perfect for those who transport their boat on roof racks or deck down on trailers.

A fraction of the weight of traditional gal dollies.

No pins to get lost, everything just clicks together via push button connectors.

Easily freighted around Australia via courier

  • Lightweight aluminium
  • reinforced sling to hold hull
  • adjustable gunnel supports
  • complete with solid rubber wheels
  • compact slim design

Pre order yours today –  click here