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Mens Laser – After 4 races NZL’s Sam Meech and Australia’s Tom Burton are in 3rd and 4th place.

“It was a good day I had great starts and went the right way most of the time so that was good,” 

When told he has climbed into 3rd place he said, “Fantastic, but its day two and it’s a long regatta so I can’t get too excited about it yet. Hopefully I’ll be in the same position on the last day and then I’ll be excited.”

“We’re racing on Copacabana outside and the forecast looks very strong, especially for that course so I’ll try and eat as much as I can tonight.”


“I had a better day today, we had a more consistent breeze and I got two good results which I’m happy with.  The second race was a little different and a late south westerly breeze kicked in so there were some gains to be made”.

“There were not too many tides today and I had two good starts.  The first one I was one of the first boats to tack right, and I found good speed going that way. The second start was probably better.  I was able to tack and cross all the boats to the right of me and just wound up left.  It was a bit tricky but I caught a few boats.

“I’m currently sitting fourth overall.  I felt more comfortable today, having got the first races out of the way.  I made a few major errors yesterday, it couldn’t have got much worse.  I didn’t feel I was sailing that well yesterday and today I did, so I’m pretty happy.”


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WALA Laser 4.7 camp

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image007DAY 1

Day one was a very uneventful day, where we were introduced to the 3 coaches; Ben, Luke (swifto) and Connor. The winds were very calm in the afternoon with an average of 6 knots which died out very quickly to a whopping 3. We managed to complete one of the races for the le Tour de Freo, in which the race had to be cut short due to lack of wind. Continue reading

Laser 4.7 Worlds highlights

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It was a tremendous fight at the top of the boys` gold fleet today: Guido Gallinaro, the Italian, finished the first race with a big lead of almost 200 metres, and expanded his lead overall. But Dimitrios Papadimitriou, who finished 11th in the first race, did not give up the fight for the podium. After a perfect start, the Greek controlled the fleet and finished first. Gallinaro started badly, couldn´t free himself from the fleet and finished 40th. When the Italian crossed the line, Papadimitriou was already celebrating his victory, which couldn´t have been tighter: His advantage on the Italian was one point in the end. Continue reading