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Laser Class Rule Changes Approved

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In 2017 there were four rule change proposals put forward before the ILCA class membership for vote. All four changes were approved by more than two-thirds of voting members in addition to being approved by the World Council, the Advisory Council and World Sailing, all of which are required in order to modify class rules.

Class Rule Changes Approved

Effective beginning 1 January 2018

1) Electronic Compasses

Rule 22 was changed to allow the use of certain electronic digital compasses that are not GPS Enabled. ILCA will maintain a list of approved compasses on the ILCA website as an interpretation to the Class Rules. This rule change was approved with 81% “Yes” votes.

Click here to see the electronic compasses that have been approved for use after 1 January 2018.  Continue reading

PSA Christmas Closing Dates

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PSA will be closed from Thursday 21st December 2017 and re opening on Monday 8th January 2018.
Last online orders will need to be in by Monday 18th December for dispatch before Christmas.
All online /email orders will be dispatched on our return on the 8th Jan.
PSA will be at Nationals and Youths @ RQYS over the holidays, if you need anything pop in and see us.

Have a safe and happy Christmas !

Laser Race Upgrade – FREE during November !

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PSA are giving away a “FREE Laser Race Upgrade” with all new Laser purchases during November 2017.
Buy a new Laser package during November and receive the following upgrades for FREE !
* FREE carbon top section upgrade
* FREE PSA 12k carbon tiller and extension upgrade
* FREE Blacksmith carbon wind indicator
* FREE Ronstan start watch
Contact PSA or your local dealer to order your boat today !

New Lasers available in Victoria !

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PSA’s Victorian Rep Paul Vincent has just returned from the PSA factory with a batch of brand new Lasers ready for the summer. He has a range of rakes and rigs available aswell as a full stock of spare parts including carbon top sections, sails, alloy beach dollies…..

Get in contact with Paul direct on 0407 586 208 or email laservic@psasailing.com.au

Tom Slingsby Interview

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A great interview with Tom Slingsby on his return to dinghy sailing and explaining his training and strategy during his time at the top.
Interview by the guys at internationalsailingacademy.com


Hi, Tom. It’s Colin Gowland phoning from ISA.

Yes, hi.

How are you?

Good thank you.

Okay. Awesome. Hey, thanks a lot for having a chat here.

No problem.

Everyone’s been really excited since you made that announcement on Facebook about coming back into dinghies. Continue reading