Laser STD MkII Sail by Chris Caldecoat 2016

The new STD MKII Sail needs a maximum stiffness top section, kill for a 3kg section and above. (New composite top section will be as stiff as 3.1kg PSA alloy sections ) Sail takes some time to break in, half a season, I have two and they have done a lot and they are both still awesome.  One has done all season and I have put it away for events and using the newer as my do everything sail as it breaks in.

They last !

The Pryde built Sails are the pick, they use a Challenge cloth which the sail was originally designed around and are just put together better, we are the only builder supplying sails from Pryde.

Lot’s of vang !

Double your vang keys on your vang as you will need them to make it go fast, your not using enough vang if your’e not bending your vang keys.

For the Master sailors the boom is awkward to get under, I started just making sure I threw the Vang across the boat and was letting it off before tacks, it worked. However with time in the boat I don’t touch it at all now, amazing what the old body will adapt to do after some practice.

Cunningham is not like other Laser sails, trim as needed.

Use two tell tails on top batten and one in front of top batten to watch your trim, you get more de-power from the vang dropping the rig out the side of the boat than you do the Cunningham, you do have a high and low mode using the Cunningham, this can be handy to know and use at time’s.

Go max purchase on everything as you need to be able to trim the sail easily at all times.

Lots of Vang in the light breeze, nearly just as much when it’s 20kts.

The aft rake definitely helps downwind, the boat accelerates quickly when turning on waves and just does not bind up.

If in light air don’t run side cleats so you can get your weight further forward easily.


By Chris Caldecoat