Tips and Tricks - Mainsheet

Tips and Tricks – Mainsheet

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Marking the mainsheet.

With a rig capable of rotating freely, a common challenge in the Laser is setting the mainsheet correctly downwind.

Having the boom out past 90 degrees can be effective to help set the sail in very light winds or momentarily strategically or tactically when working hard by lee either in other conditions.

However, for most other times, it pays to sail with the boom further back than this, improving VMG by…

– Optmising the balance between force forward and tipping force to windward (boat should feel “light and loose” without capsizing to windward).

– Propelling the boat forward with any rolling, while also dampening the roll and reducing risk of overrolling and drag.

– Allowing us to sail a straighter course with less distance.

So, next time you go sailing, get out a permanent marker, set the boom to 90 degrees on shore, and mark the sheet at the boom block. This may become a valuable reference point in a search for a better feeling and speed downwind.

Happy Sailing,

Jared West – Aus Laser Radial Coach