WALA Laser 4.7 camp

WALA Laser 4.7 camp

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image007DAY 1

Day one was a very uneventful day, where we were introduced to the 3 coaches; Ben, Luke (swifto) and Connor. The winds were very calm in the afternoon with an average of 6 knots which died out very quickly to a whopping 3. We managed to complete one of the races for the le Tour de Freo, in which the race had to be cut short due to lack of wind.


Day two was basically the same as day one, we had a light easterly in the morning which died off again. We did some short races and did a drill where the coaches set a huge line and then before the sequence they told use which third to start in either: 1 (boat) 2 (middle) 3 (pin). Then we managed to complete 2 more races for Le Tour de Freo were on the last race the fleet had shrunk due to 5 boats were black flagged in our 22 boat fleet.


image006 image005


Day three was where the fun started. You could feel the general aura around the club due to the fact that it was a howling 30 knots and gust of 35. We started off the session with a video from Nick Thompson where he explained how to hike properly which would be useful! Due to the strong winds the sailors that had little experience asked to go in the coach boat so the fleet was reduced to around 12. The waves were huge and we sailed out near the shipping channel. We started of the day with some rabbit starts to warm up, then we moved into some practise races which lasted around 10 minutes each. Then we started the racing but sadly in the first race the wind started to die of to 15 knots but it was still a close race. On the last race Liam switched with Swifto but sadly the wind died of even more so Swifto was sitting in and all of us were hiking but he managed to beat all of us to the top mark but got overtaken on the next upwind but he managed to finish 2nd. overall the third day was full of swimming and sore legs.



On the final day the wind was slightly less than the day before, but still the waves were the biggest the fleet had ever sailed in. Before we went out Ben shared with us a PowerPoint that he made on nutrition in the laser and how we can lose and gain weight to get to the optimum weight for a 4.7 which is 55-60 kg. Today was different because everyone was sailing and we only did the last 4 races for Le Tour de Freo where instead of doing 2 windward leeward laps the coaches set up a trapezoid course which made the races even closer and more fun.
Overall in this camp we all learnt a lot and left the camp with a huge amount of new information that we can incorporate into our competitive sailing all around Perth.

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Words by Oliver pabbruwe

Coaches were Ben Walkemeyer, Luke Elliott and Connor Nicholas